Friday, August 22, 2008

Top Banana

Possibly the best episode of Arrested Development ever.

My favorite quotes:
-- There's always money in the banana stand
-- Doing the time... of my life!
-- [note: Dead dove do not eat] Well, I don't know what I expected
-- Wow, I'm Mr. Manager!
-- I have a job Michael, it's called supporting my husband
-- Do you need a cage for that? // No, I'm a magician. *bumps into door* What is your return policy, by the way?
-- Is there a carbon monoxide leak in this house?
-- Then why don't you marry an ice cream sandwich!
-- So, mom, I'm trying to find these... // I don't know where they are. // ... flight records. You know, it's really more believable if you let me finish.
-- It's a fire... sale.
-- Definitely the work of a flamer.
-- Gob was intrigued. He also suspected he couldn't return a completely frozen dove to the pet store and receive the full refund he felt he was entitled to.
-- There's always money in the banana stand...
-- We throw away a banana for every buck we take so no one finds out. // Wait a minute, I think you should do that math again. // Wh-why, is it wrong? // It's fine. He's an arsonist, not an embezzler.
-- Gob had not mailed the letter. But, in an act of defiance, dramatically hurled the letter into the sea. This proved a more difficult dramatic gesture than he'd anticipated.
-- Did you burn down the storage unit? // Almost definitely!
-- You mailed that insurance check, right Gob?
-- Are you crazy? There was money in that banana stand.... There was $250,000 lining the walls of the banana stand. Cash, Michael. How much clearer can I say, THERE'S ALWAYS... MONEY... IN THE BANANA STAND!! // NO TOUCHING! NO TOUCHING! NO TOUCHING! NO TOUCHING!

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