Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Invest Northwest

Just got back from day 1 of Invest Northwest, an annual event put on by the Washington Biotechnology and Biomedical Association at the Bell Harbor Conference Center in Belltown. There were a ton of Northwest Biotech companies there making presentations on why investors should give them more money. It was interesting to learn more about some of the companies, and also just to realize quite how many biotechs there are in the PNW! The lawyers and financing companies who were also there provided us with tons of schwag - some of which is pictured below. The silliest thing by far is the USB-powered fan/LED light combo - useful for when you're computing in the dark desert? Close behind is the DNA puzzle, though I haven't attempted that yet. I did resist the urge to pick up one of those plastic bottles with colored oil and water in them. The pens all seem quite nice - I especially like the one that lights up. And post-it notes in highlighters? Genius! Oh, and in case you're wondering (as I was for most of the day), the yellow smiley-faced thing is a keyboard brush that can sit on top of a CRT monitor when not in use. Hmm... maybe that one comes in second in the silliness quotient.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Jimmy Carter at Foege Building dedication

I went to the star-studded dedication of the new Bioengineering/Genome Sciences William Foege Building today on main campus. After some very nice speeches by the Dean of the School of Medicine Paul Ramsey, the acting Dean of the College of Engineering Mani Soma, the President of UW Mark Emmert, and Mr. Bill Gates III himself, we got to hear an amazing speech by former President Jimmy Carter (who happened to be the president when I was born). He spoke mostly about William Foege, who is the namesake for the building and a graduate of the UW Medical School in 1961. After his speech, William Foege got up to speak, but then the high winds and rain caused the tent to nearly collapse so they deftly moved all the VIPs into the Genome Sciences side of the building and then the rest of us milled about the hallways. I did get to hear the last few minutes of Foege's speech after they managed to find a microphone, and caught a tiny glimpse of the relocated ribbon cutting ceremony. Afterwards I took a self-guided tour of the lower floors and 5th floor of the Bioengineering side of the building. Though not entirely appealing from the outside, it was very nice inside and has some great views. All in all, quite an eventful afternoon! Posted by Picasa