Monday, February 27, 2006

Ti ThreeVos


At first, there was only one: my roommate's Sony-branded 30-hour series 1 TiVo (upper left) that she graciously let us other roomies watch and record shows on. Then there were two: I bought my own Humax 80-hour TiVo Series 2 (lower left), so that I could archive about a month's worth of television last year when I was working on my general. Now there are three: roommate got an 80-hour TiVo brand TiVo (lower right) for free with her rewards points. In this picture it's sitting on top of the new/old DVD player that we sort of inherited when her old DVD player bit the dust. Now if we don't record a show, it's not for lack of devices, and we have only ourselves to blame! Posted by Picasa

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Vancouver, part 2

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After the biotech event, we stopped by a Starbucks on Robson St.... that was across the street from another Starbucks. Surprisingly, I don't think this occurs in Seattle (though there are at least 3 in U Village).


I went up to Vancouver, BC in mid-January with some other UW BioEs for a biotech career fair/expo being held by a group at UBC. The event was great - but so was the dinner we had beforehand at a little sushi bar on Davie St. called Kadoya (a native Canadian from our group directed us there). I got the Alaska roll - kind of like a California roll with smoked salmon on top (pictured below). The food was great and the price was hard to beat!
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Thursday, February 23, 2006

iPods galore

At one point over the winter break, we managed to have 6 different iPods in the apartment. Two belong to my roommate (3rd generation and shuffle), two belong to her boyfriend (3rd generation and 60GB 5th generation), one belongs to my boyfriend (1st generation, far left), and one belongs to me (30GB 5th generation, attached to the cable in the picture). We lined them up to document them all... scary! For the record, I really like my viPod so far! Once I got a case for it I finally took off the sticker that comes on the front of it. :) Watching TV shows on my little screen makes my bus ride go by so much faster... Posted by Picasa

Tacoma Glass Museum

Well, I've been delinquent for quite a while now! This is a picture I took in the Hot Shop at the Museum of Glass in Tacoma back in early January. It was awesome to see them make blown glass. We watched them make two pieces; the first was rather boring, but I liked this one better. They had a team of three people making the glass, and there was also a woman serving as the MC who would explain each step and answer questions from the audience. The rest of the museum was pretty small, but the hot shop was totally worth the drive and the admission fee. I just wish we could see the finished (and cooled) piece of glass- but that process takes several days. Posted by Picasa