Wednesday, April 19, 2006


After never having flown on JetBlue prior to 6 months ago, I am now about to embark on my third journey with them in that same span of time. This time it's off to New England, first for a visit with my great-aunt on Cape Cod, then to Providence to visit the old stomping grounds and see two of my best friends from Brown, and then back up to Boston for a conference.

JetBlue is of course famous for their DirecTV on the back of every seat:
However, as nyanko pointed out recently, it would be nice if one of the channels was a program guide! They do provide an online version on their website, which you can print and bring with you - if you remember to do that before your flight...

Unfortunately even that wouldn't have helped with the problem my last flight encountered - many of the channels looked like this through most of the flight, rendering them completely useless:

Maybe I'll have better luck this time :)

Monday, April 10, 2006

Sunshine state

Just got back from a nice trip to Florida to visit my grandma, who is turning 90 in about a week! My mom and sister made the trip too, so it was a good reenactment of what it was like when the three of us always used to go down there for spring break every year. The weather was warm and muggy - but not as bad as it is in August. After throwing an ice cream party for G-ma with all of her card-playing buddies, we had a nice dinner at the Oyster Bar in Punta Gorda- a town through which the eye of Hurricane Charley passed in 2004. The FEMA trailers were still there - though word on the street was that the residents were going to have to move soon, but to where noone knows.

We also had a close encounter with a local reptile:
Just a small lizard, but he moved very fast. I used my 12x zoom to get this shot. :)