Thursday, July 03, 2008

Go, grease lightening

Natural fireworks
Originally uploaded by gecko_12.
The sky put on quite a show this evening with frequent lightening strikes out to the distant east. I grabbed my tripod and (borrowed) camera and tried to get a shot of the show. I had to take many, many shots of the sky in the general vicinity of the lightening show that were completely blank in the hopes that I'd get lucky. I had actually taken the camera back inside, but then I noticed this cluster of strikes and went back outside to try again. Fortunately, one of my exposures managed to capture this elegant strike. That I think this looks like blood vessels is a sad sign of how much I've been working lately.

I hope the weather is a little less dicey on Friday!

Update: storm has moved much closer but I'm too tired for more pictures...

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Anonymous said...

Greased lightning. Not grease lightening.