Wednesday, April 16, 2008


My bus ride home tonight was interrupted by a jumper on the Aurora bridge. All manner of siren-bearing vehicles were racing up Aurora to shut down the northbound lanes (and presumably try to coax the jumper out of jumping). A policeman hopped on our bus while we were stopped and told us they didn't know how long it would be before the traffic got moving again (because, you know, who can predict the plans of a jumper?). Our bus driver then took a sharp turn down to Dexter (apparently this was only an option because we weren't in an articulated bus) - which wouldn't have been much of a detour - if the Fremont bridge had been open. But that bridge was closed for construction work. So we drove down Nickerson St. - all the way to the Ballard bridge - then up to Market, and back to 45th, rejoining our normal route at Stone and 45th. We lost only a surprisingly small segment of our normal route (from the Bridge Way offramp of Aurora up to Stone and 45th). Looking at the map I'm now thinking we should have come back along Leary, which would have allowed us to rejoin the route even further upstream... although there may have been some turns along that route that are too difficult for a bus. Overall, I think our driver did a good job of getting everyone where they needed to go.

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